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Paris, we love you

As a child, we went to Paris with our parents who showed us Montmartre and also how nice it was to just buy a warm baguette, a piece of cheese and then enjoy the simple things of life such as sitting in the grass in a park. Strolling along the Seine, looking at old books, standing in line for a fresh chocolate crêpe and feeling happy. The love for Paris was created from an early age and it always stayed.

Later we made our own trips to Paris, with cheap hotel rooms that had the shower in the hall and 1930s floral wallpaper, great parties on someone’s roof terrace and breakfast in a cafe with loads of coffee being the highlights.

Still later, Paris passed by in professional life. To be part of the international marketing department for the launch of EuroDisney. From Marne la Vallee, the Marais wasn’t that far, fortunately.

We are back in Paris and it feels like coming home

We have been active in the South of France with Living on the Côte d’Azur since 2010, and it is great that we offer our marketing strength and services now for buyers in Paris too.

With our network and partners in the Capital, we offer now properties in the two most wanted areas in France; the French Riviera and Paris Ile de France! Jo Kuijer-Marinus is your direct point of contact for an apartment, a hotel particular or new construction in Ile de France. And even more interesting; she knows where the off-market properties in Paris are.

What we can do for you in Paris

Buying an off-market Hotel Particulier in Paris? It is not easy; to try to find such a unique property in Paris. A Hotel Particulier is a complete building with several levels and apartments. That makes it an ideal investment to rent out. When you are looking for a personal spacious accommodation in Paris with historical allure and class, then you could use it as your private estate. An off-market Hotel Particulier will have the atmosphere of the 18th century. Within this type of property, you will always find many valuable 18th century French ornaments which have been restored; these are the details that make a house exclusive.

Being a luxury real estate portal, Living on the Côte d’Azur is part of this network of brokers who have an unerring sense of which property is coming up for sale and which is for sale. So if you are looking for a Hotel Particulier in Paris with several floors, a courtyard garden, multiple apartments and reception rooms, stop searching online. You will not find it. Buying an off-market Hotel Particulier is often a discreet affair. The seller does not want the sale to be known and also for reasons of privacy, the sale is very private.

The demand in Paris for a Hotel Particulier is strong and much of the supply is sold off-market. So you need to be able to act quickly as a Hotel Particulier in Paris can be sold the same day. In the Middle Ages, the term “hotel” was used to designate the residences of the great lords. In the 17th century, it was extended to the homes of the wealthy bourgeoisie and financiers. A hôtel is an imposing, luxurious mansion occupied by one owner (and his servants).

A sign of wealth and prestige

For the owners, the purchase of a Hôtel Particulier is a sign of wealth and prestige. The French term has often been retained in foreign languages to refer to this type of property. The French language still has prestige all over the world. A Hotel Particulier in Paris is usually built with a courtyard and a city garden. The house is located at the end of a courtyard, and the sides are used for service buildings: stables, barns, staff quarters, etc. Nowadays, they are flats for relatives or friends. Some Hotel Particulier built a complete cinema here.

Exclusive real estate for sale: a city mansion in Paris

The courtyard is enclosed by a wall, flanked by an imposing gate, which provides protection from outside view. The rear facade of the house looks out onto a garden. So it is safe, stylish and unique. So it is not surprising that many people would like to buy a Hotel Particulier in Paris! The sale is generally worth millions of euros and can even run into tens of millions for the most unique properties. It is also a long-term investment: the owners usually keep their property for at least thirty years.

Use our Property Buying Guide

To discover Paris and all arrondissements, we have created a Paris Property Buying Guide to assist you. The next step is that we organise a call with you to make a selection. And then, we’ll see you in Paris!