Profitable boutique hotel Roquefort les Pins for sale
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Profitable boutique hotel Roquefort les Pins for sale

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If you have entrepreneurship flowing through the veins, you’ll see a great opportunity to start a characteristic Southern French Bed and Breakfast at an AAA location. The income from renting out rooms and three apartments is sufficient to cover your annual expenses. Due to the perfect location of the entire area, you can even expand the restaurant section if you wish. Or lay a small golf practice on the tightly lawned grass. Practice a half-swing or perfect put at home, before heading to one of the many golf courses in the region. The spacious garden of 6,800 M2, of course, has a lovely large size swimming pool with pool house, sun terrace and open kitchen, all in line with the house. The profitable boutique hotel Roquefort les Pins is situated in a Provencal stone villa 17th century beautifully located in the center of Roquefort les Pins on the Cote d’Azur. The building has a rich history, from the moment when Roquefort Les Pins unleashed Saint Paul de Vence in the late 18th century. The hostel function has been the key destination, with famous guests like the French General de Gaulle.

Profitable boutique hotel Roquefort les Pins for sale

This Provencal stone villa dates from the 17th century and there has also been a girls’ school but people with a good memory remember the building as the ‘Mas des Gourmets’; a top restaurant that started in 1957 by a Swiss chef. Over the years, this South French ‘mas’ has been expanding further with extra apartments. For those looking for a charming and authentic boutique hotel, or out to purchase real estates like this large authentic French house with lots of living space and terrain, this is the perfect real-estate deal in the heart of Roquefort Les Pins.

Provencal stone villa 17th century perfect for hotel restaurant Roquefort les Pins Côte d'Azur French Riviera


Roquefort les Pins Provencal stone villa 17th century

Whatever began as a farm with storage was constantly improved, expanded and modernized, resulting in a rich, modern but still authentic Provencal Mas with a large patch of land. The lounge and several rooms have underfloor heating, and all have reversible (hot and cold) air conditioning. The term ‘Mas’ is considered by some as a ‘farm’ although we can best describe this real estate object in the present state as a very spacious Provencal style stone villa with a living space of 750 M2. This huge area is divided into reception areas and several rooms (a total of sixteen rooms), some of which are also rented as an apartment. That’s why you can also take over a healthy, rendering boutique hotel.

Provencal stone villa 17th century perfect for hotel restaurant Roquefort les Pins Côte d'Azur French Riviera


Boutique hotel in Roquefort Les Pins

The luxurious and spacious authentic South French property is impeccable in all respects. That already begins with the large stylish wrought iron fence that leads to a car park for about 25 cars. Through a charming courtyard, you will enter the reception area, where you will be surprised with space. Tastefully and creatively designed, with imposing beams on the ceiling, this Provençal stone villa-  that is perfect as a wedding venue – houses many rooms and spaces that lend itself well to a gym or meeting room, and comes with a professional catering kitchen. At the weekend, during a wedding event, large meals are prepared for often 100 guests. Now you have a little idea of the size of the property. The living room can be called a ballroom with a large fireplace for a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Provencal stone villa 17th century perfect for hotel restaurant Roquefort les Pins Côte d'Azur French Riviera

Roquefort Les Pins

The town of Roquefort Les Pins is very convenient to Valbonne, Cannes, and Nice. You are in all major cities on the Côte d’Azur within 20-30 minutes. But the hinterland also invites people for a relaxing day walking trip. The surrounding area is characterized by a micro-climate and sloping bends surrounded by green forests; a paradise for those who want to ride a classic open car or motorcycle. Roquefort Les Pins is especially known as ‘the small town of the big villas’ with the locals on the Cote d’Azur. Of course, this Provençal stone villa is no exception. The village center of Roquefort Les Pins is cozy and lively, with all amenities present. This spacious and luxurious Provencal stone villa is situated only 200 meters from various restaurants and shops.

Come visit this property in Roquefort Les Pins

Pricing and pictures can be found here. Contact Dutch Ab and Jo Kuijer for a fast and reliable real-estate service that will help you find the home you’re looking for. We will send you more information about this property and are present to organise a visit. Call/WhatsApp +33770186203 or mail

Investing in a French Riviera property is always a good idea. The prices have never gone down and the whole Côte d’Azur is in high demand by a wealthy international group of people. You will meet people here with an international lifestyle that are looking for the best of the best in housing, services, quality and safety. 

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