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Project management French Riviera renovation, styling and interior

Buying an apartment or a villa in the South of France means the start of a new life. The mere thought of your own property under the southern French sun makes life in the daily traffic jam a lot more bearable. After all, you have the freedom to get in the car at any time and drive to the sunny South.

There is of course a lot to consider and to manage when purchasing a (new-build) property. You would prefer to be there every day to make the interior perfect, but that just doesn’t work. And to monitor everything from a distance is sometimes quite difficult. If you have ordered a kitchen, golden bath tub or furniture, who keeps a finger on the pulse of the supplier? And when you must select new tiles, but you cannot just come to the showroom. Who makes a video call on site and shows you the possibilities? There are countless situations in which you can use a project manager.

Project management French Riviera renovation, styling and interior

The project management service by Living on the Côte d’Azur is for anyone who could use some extra attention and advice. Ask about our friendly rates and let yourself be relieved. Please contact Jolanda Kuijer via [email protected]. Jo is an experienced project manager, interior stylist and the perfect link between different suppliers. Jo provides tasteful and professional guidance. Unless you really like this French balcony of course 😉

Renovation and construction project management in the South of France

Renovation and construction supervision in the South of France is also an additional service provided by Living on the Cote d’Azur. This service was created by customer demand. Anyone looking for a reliable contractor in the South of France for maintenance, renovation, extension, extension or complete renovation of the house will enter into discussions with various parties.

And no matter how beautiful the brochure is, and how nice the local French contractor may seem, the reality is in many cases different. Customers tell us their experiences: that after many negotiations they agree to the price. But after a deposit of 40% it then remains silent.

When the French contractor finally gets on the line after a few days, they are told that he will only start planning after the down payment. And that work will probably start next month. That is of course not the best start for a renovation in the South of France that you are so looking forward to.

The right contractor for every job

Living on the Cote d’Azur has therefore been offering our network for eight years with reliable contractors for every type of job. For small studio renovations or simple jobs such as painting, we work together with a company that is very suitable for this. If you want larger renovations and serious construction work, you need a different type of contractor.

Naturally, all companies that we propose to you have company insurance and are certified to install or renew electricity, for example. To follow the progress of the renovation in the South of France, our contractor opens a WhatsApp group in which the progress is communicated weekly by means of photos and videos.

Some customers want us to regularly check how the renovation is going for them. Or make contact with other suppliers such as a stylist, a furniture supplier or decoration company. This construction supervision is additionally engaged by the client and serves as an extra check between the customer, contractor and other suppliers.

Construction supervision in the South of France

As a construction and renovation supervisor, we keep a close eye on whether the contractor keeps to the agreements or whether the planning is not out of step. We are also present at the consultation moments between customer, architect, contractor and suppliers for a spa or jacuzzi. Contact with the architect is also maintained; clear communication and ‘being on top of it’ prevents misunderstandings and possible errors.

You can also call on our renovation project guidance for the collection of materials during the renovation period. A construction supervisor is not only smart and easy during the renovation, but also after work once it has been completed. What to do if there are unexpected construction problems?

The construction supervisor makes an inventory, mediates and provides a solution. The construction supervisor can visit the project on a regular basis and thus keep a close eye on the progress.

Project management on the Côte d’Azur

Are you looking for a reliable party to support your interior design, renovation or maintenance for your property on the Côte d’Azur? Then contact us. If desired, you can hire us at a friendly hourly rate. Receive more information from Jolanda Kuijer via [email protected]