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Let us help to find the perfect property for sale in Paris

Buying property for sale in Paris isn’t a simple task. The Paris real estate market is faster than fast, and discretion is critical. The best properties are not online; they can only be found off-market. And the only way to find these off-market properties is to talk to someone that knows where to find these properties. Jolanda KUIJER is that person.

Let us help to find the perfect property for sale in Paris

Looking for the best way to find and buy an apartment, penthouse, ‘hotel Particulier or ‘Maison de Ville in or close to Paris? Our luxury real estate portal gives you the best available properties on the Paris luxury real estate market, plus a dedicated personal service. We know the local market in Paris and have selected our real estate partners because they understand what service must be given to French and international customers. Plus, we have access to off-market properties you will not find online.

Finding a property for sale in Paris and Ile de France

Finding and buying a property for sale in Paris is, above all, a great investment in the most popular destination in France. As a bustling metropolis, the city of lights is a dynamic international business centre combined with a romantic atmosphere due to the many cosy cafes and restaurants. This combination makes Paris a unique city that has continued to intrigue and attract people for many years.

Where is the best place to live in Paris

Paris has many faces, but for many people, the view of the Eiffel Tower, or close to the Seine, appears to be the first wish. Grocery stores, haute couture luxury or simply fun shopping can be found all over this great city. Buying a property like a Hotel Particulier in Paris is the best investment; nowhere in the world are property prices as stable as in Paris. The question is only: where do you want to live in Paris?

Let’s buy a property for sale in Paris. But where?

Paris has a total of 20 arrondissements. A district is the size of a small city, each with its mayor and local rules. Each arrondissement is subdivided into four districts (‘quartiers’). So there are 80 neighbourhoods in Paris. And all these neighbourhoods all have their own charm and local ambience. The 1st arrondissement is located right in the heart of the city. The districts or arrondissements are built like a snail shell around the centre.

Paris 1st district LOUVRE

‘Shop till you drop’; Paris is the mecca for shopping fans on the Rue Rivoli. Lots of shops in the vicinity that alternate with botanical gardens and the famous Louvre, Place Vendome and the Jardin des Tuileries. Rue Montorgueil offers an abundance of restaurants, cafes, chic bookshops and one of the oldest markets in Paris. You really never get tired of looking and eating out in Paris.

Buy an apartment in Paris 1st

An elegant apartment near the Place Vendome or Tuileriescan costs well over €13,000 per square meter, although something on a busy road above the shops of the Rue de Rivoli will be cheaper at around €11,000 per square meter.

Paris 2nd district BOURSE

This is the smallest arrondissement of Paris with one of the oldest markets: Montorgueil. With its small pedestrian and cobbled streets, the Montorgueil district has a great charm. The main street, rue Montorgueil, is home to a wide range of food shops, bars and restaurants, and trendy clothing boutiques. In the early morning hours, the delivery trucks and the hustle and bustle reflect the Paris of yesteryear. In the streets parallel to rue Montorgueuil, new restaurants, cocktail bars and trendy shops have opened, notably in rue Saint-Sauveur, rue Bachaumont, rue Greneta, rue Mandar or in the Passage du Grand Cerf.

Find a property for sale in Paris 2nd

You’ll find properties over €11,000 per square meter around the pedestrianized Montorgueil area or €15,700 per square meter for a bijoux apartment on the rue Léopold-Bellan. There are also cheaper, less charming places along the large boulevards north of the Rue de Clery at around €7,000 per square meter.

Paris 3rd and 4th district TEMPLE and HOTEL DE VILLE

Spread over the narrow streets of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, Le Marais is known for its bustling residents and hip shops such as Merci. The same dynamic atmosphere can be found in the Latin Quarter, where you can party well into the night. Lots of interesting shops, the Jewish quarter and the oldest house in Paris. For art lovers here are Musée Carnavalet and the Musée Picasso with some great pieces by Pablo Picasso. On Sundays, the shops are all open in Le Marais.

The southern part of Le Marais starts in the fourth and is perhaps our most beloved district. On the small island of Île de la Cité, you will get a sense of how Paris once came to be. Enjoy attractions such as Notre Dame, Center Pompidou, the museum of modern art or walk to Sainte-Chapelle with its magnificent stained glass windows. There is much to discover in this small, historic district with an atmosphere from times gone by. Don’t forget to visit the Place des Vosges: built in the 17th century, Place des Vosges is the oldest square in Paris.

Buy a property in Paris 3rd and 4th

A small apartment on the desirable rue Vieille-du-Temple may cost up to €14,750 per square meter; a character apartment in the area from the Hotel de Ville to St Paul starts at around €10,800 per square meter. If this is too expensive, then look behind the Pompidou Centre or between Temple and the Place de le Republic for properties around €8,500 per square meter. If you find an apartment needing renovation, you may be able to negotiate up to an 8% discount.

Paris 5th arrondissement PANTHEON

This is the oldest part of Paris, where the French City of Light foundations were laid in Roman times. The Latin Quarter is the student district of Paris. A lively neighbourhood with many nice bars and affordable restaurants. Don’t feel like cooking yourself? Caterers are aplenty on the Rue Mouffetard with many typical French delicatessens.

Find a property for sale in Paris 5th

The chic apartments in beautiful buildings cost a packet: around the Sorbonne and Pantheon are upwards of €11,200 per square meter. Prices are a lot cheaper around the Gared’Austerlitz. Look out for Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings in amongst the older properties.

Paris 6th arrondissement LUXEMBOURG

Here Paris bustles as in well-known films such as Midnight in Paris or the Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman. Discover Luxembourg Gardens and the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district; real Parisian life: energetic and artistic. The sixth arrondissement is centrally located with many galleries and antique shops where you can find something beautiful for your apartment. Stroll along the Seine over the Pont Neuf, Paris’s oldest and most beautiful bridge. In local cafes such as Café de Flore or Les Deux Magots people still tap a hard-boiled egg at the bar and the Pastis always tastes good.

Buy a property in Paris 6th

A tiny (95 square meters) apartment overlooking the St-Sulpice church recently sold for €2 million (€21,000 per square meter). Most start between €10,500 and 13,500 per square meter.

Paris 7th arrondissement PALAIS BOURBON

Not the prettiest neighbourhood to walk through as most embassies and the Parliament are located here. You will find the Hotel des Invalides, the Champs de Mars and the famous Eiffel Tower here. You must have climbed this steel lady once in your life. You can enjoy a drink on a terrace on the way to the top and enjoy the view that gets more and more beautiful. The 7th arrondissement is home to famous museums such as the Musée Rodin, Musée d’Orsay and the Musée du quai Branly. Most high-end hotels can also be found in the seventh arrondissement.

Find a property for sale in Paris 7th

A large apartment in a grand Art Nouveau or Art Deco block in this exclusive, aristocratic area may give you a view overlooking the Eiffel Tower or Les Invalides. It will set you back a hefty €15,000 per square meter.

Paris 8th arrondissement ELYSEES

The most famous street in Paris can be found here: the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Stately homes and expensive chain stores flank this fashionable shopping street, and at the end is the iconic Arc de Triomphe. You have a beautiful view from the Arc de Triomphe roof. One of the most expensive districts to live in, to dine and shopping.

Buy an apartment in Paris 8th

Apartments in the Golden Triangle (Champs-Elysées – Avenue Montaigne – Avenue George V) are at the other extreme. Architecture ranges from Renaissance, through 19th-century Haussmann to Art Deco and Post World War II.

Paris 9th arrondissement OPERA

We know Paris from the wide boulevards with stately mansions and small French balconies. The Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement is full of these. In this part of the city, you will find one of the oldest and most luxurious department stores in Paris; the Galeries Lafayette. And whether you like classical music or not; a visit to Opera Garnier should not be missed. It is even more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. You will find a completely different world at Place Pigalle; there, red neon lights dominate and you can go to nightclubs like the Moulin Rouge.

Find a property for sale in Paris 9th

Prices average €9,000 per square meter in this area – a mix of business and residential – including the upmarket Boulevard Haussmann and shops like Galeries Lafayette. Look to the slightly sleazier area to the north, closer to Pigalle and the red light district, and you can slash around €1,500 off the square meter price. You’ll find 18th-century apartment blocks called Immeuble de rapport there in the 9th (and in some of the other arrondissements, too).

Paris 10th arrondissement ENCLOS ST LAURENT

This arrondissement is one of the most famous gateways to the city with the Gare du Nord, the Thalys train station ready to go full throttle to London, Bruxelles or Cologne. It is otherwise an unknown part of Paris, but opposite the station is one of the best brasseries in Paris: Terminus Nord. Enjoy bowls full of fresh fruits de mer.

Buy an apartment in Paris 10th

The Canal St-Martin area has become very trendy – disused factories transformed into lofts – with prices upwards of €9,000 per square meter; add €2,000 per square meter for a canal-side view.

Paris 11th arrondissement POPINCOURT

This district has relatively few sights and therefore gives a good idea of ​​how the Parisien and Parisiennes live. Normal buildings, long streets but everywhere restaurants, cafes and nice shops. The lively Marais entertainment district is close by from the 11th!

Find a property for sale in Paris 11th

There are parks and markets around the trendy Place de la Bastille and Place de la République (and apartments for around €9,000 per square meter); and trendy, shops, and restaurants around rue Oberkampf and rue Faubourg St Antoine. An apartment in a 1980s block with balcony and parking around the Père-Lachaise cemetery costs around €10,000 per square meter.

Paris 12th arrondissement BASTILLE

The 12th arrondissement is located in the east of Paris. Here in gare de Lyon, you get on the TGV that will take you to the sunny South. In the 12th arrondissement, the French Revolution started in 1789 on the Place de la Bastille. Today it is a beautiful, quiet and safe environment where especially many young Parisians live.

Buy a property in Paris 12th

Trendy and young, so expect prices to the north to be €8,000+ per square meter. Further south, the 1970s or 80s condo is around €7,000 per square meter.

Paris 13th arrondissement GOBELINS

Here you will find the Chinatown of Paris and the National Bibliotheque de Paris. The Place d’Italie is a large square full of cosy cafes and the centre of this arrondissement. There are many immigrants with a Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean background. The best Asian food can be found here. And with Chinese New Year, the whole neighbourhood seems to go wild! You’ll also find interesting new construction projects here.

Find a property for sale in Paris 13th

19th-century apartments will go between €9,800 and €11,000 per square meter. Cheaper prices can be found in Tolbiac where the 1960s–70s apartments with parking go for under €8,500 per square meter. Cheaper still is the modern blocks on the outskirts of the city, priced at around €5,000 per square meter.

Paris 14th arrondissement MONTPARNASSE

If you are not afraid of heights, you should go to the Tour Montparnasse here. This is the tallest skyscraper in France, and from the top, the view over the city is amazing. You can also go the other way here, to the Catacombs de Paris. An underground tunnel system where the bones of about six million Parisians are stored. Part of the corridor system is open to the public.

Buy a property in Paris 14th

Apartments in Montparnasse and Denfert-Rochereaucost are in the region of €10,000 per square meter and upwards; prices get a lot cheaper the further south you go towards the périphérique. Around Porte de Choicy, or Porte d’Ivry you can pick up something modern between €5,000 and €7,500 per square meter.

Paris 15th district VAUGIRARD

The fifteenth arrondissement is the ideal neighbourhood for the local population to stay. It is safe, quiet, and close to the Eiffel Tower and the Bois de Boulogne. This arrondissement is popular because you can live close to the Seine.

Find a property for sale in Paris 15th

The property gets more expensive (and more attractive: Art Deco and Nouveau, Haussmann) the closer you get to the elegant 6th and 7th. Further south, closer to the périphérique, the property is less prestigious but much cheaper. The average price for the area is just over €9,000 per square meter.

Paris 16th district PASSY

The 16th arrondissement in the North West is one of Paris’s wealthiest and most prosperous neighbourhoods. Here you live relatively close to beautiful sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysées, La Defense and the Bois de Boulogne. Art Nouveaux lovers will be delighted. The museum with restaurant Palais de Tokyo is a must.

Buy an apartment in Paris 16th

The average price here is just over €10,175 per square meter. As well as period and modern apartments, there are lots of private hôtels particuliers, some still occupied by single families, and some gated, single-family mansions.

Paris 17th arrondissement BATIGNOLLES-MONCEAU

You will find beautiful apartments and city villas in the 17th arrondissement. One of the most beautiful streets is the Avenue Villiers. The covered market of Batignolles is definitely worth a visit. One of the most beautiful parks in this part of the city is Parc Monceau, located on the border with the 8th arrondissement.

Find a property for sale in Paris 17th

While the average price is around €8,000 per square meter, prices rise around the villagey Place St Ferdinand, Parc Monceau, and rue De Prony, but drop very substantially around La Fourche in the north. Foreigners like the area around the Arc de Triomphe/Ternes for its central location.

Paris 18th arrondissement BUTTE-MONTMARTRE

The 18th arrondissement is located in the north of Paris. Here you will find one of the nicest districts of Paris: Montmartre. The artists’ quarter was once the domain of artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, Soutine, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. You can see everything quietly from the hill where the Sacré Coeur stands. You can also enjoy great food; along the Rue des Abbesses are many excellent eateries and brasseries.

Buy an apartment in Paris 18th

There are some breathtaking prices to match: €11,500 per square meter at the top. While some parts are a bit touristy, there are many quiet, leafy little back streets. The property gets cheaper in La Goutte d’Or and La Chapell, giving an overall average price of just over €7,000 per square meter. The 18th is also the African/North African district, with the famous Barbès market.

Paris 19th arrondissement BUTTES CHAUMONT
Paris 20th arrondissement MENILMONTANT

Despite many renovations, the 19th and 20th arrondissements remain not the best places to stay. The neighbourhoods are known for being unsafe, and not just for tourists.

Buy an apartment in Paris 19th and 20th

Property sells at an average price of €5,000 per square meter here. While you may bag yourself a bargain, make sure that you’ll feel comfortable living here; some parts of the district are quite rough.

Paris postal code tip

When you view an address, the zip code tells you in which district the house is located. The zip code consists of five digits. For example, “75011”. The first two numbers indicate which city or region it is. In this case, “75” stands for the city of Paris. The last two digits of the zip code tell you which part of the city the location is in. In this case, “11” stands for the 11th arrondissement.

Prices in Paris

How do you find the perfect home in Paris? And what does it cost? The first question, of course, is whether you want to live in an apartment in the busy centre of Paris. Or rather a house in a quiet Parisian suburb, in the green areas of Ile de France.

The cost of living in Paris is high, but you get a lot in this cosmopolitan city, tree-lined wide streets, lovely little bistros, lively markets, luxury shops and world-famous sights. Find out where to buy a property like a penthouse, a ‘hotel Particulier or a ‘Maison de ville’ in Paris to make the best investment in France’s exciting capital.

Paris is always a good place to buy

Paris will always be a good place to buy real estate. “Prices in Paris will never collapse,” said Bernard Gift, president of Orpi, France’s largest real estate agency. “Everyone in the world wants to buy in Paris. And the scarcity of rental properties in the city means you can always rent your home in Paris.” Read our Property Buying in Paris Guide.

How much cost property in Paris?

Property in Paris is sold (and priced) per square meter. A rough estimate is that an average one-bedroom apartment is about 30 square meters; something more palatial can be up to 500 square meters. The average prices are between 10 and 15,000 euros per square meter. But the better the house is, the higher the price will be. A great view of the Eiffel Tower can make the price sharply higher. A large terrace or roof terrace is also one of the extras determining the higher cost of a property in Paris.

Living in the Parisian city

Almost all accommodation available in central Paris is apartments because, except a few large hôtels Privés (mansions), the older Parisian buildings were all designed initially as apartments – just like the newer ones.

The new housing blocks may not have the elegance and romance of the older, 19th-century Haussmann-type buildings (parquet floors, wrought-iron balconies, marble fireplaces). But new buildings have the advantage that they are better spatially designed, energy-efficient and have underground parking garages.

Four tips before you buy real estate in Paris

Real estate in Paris tends to move quickly: sometimes, a house is sold the same day it goes on the market. You may have to act quickly if you find a property you like. So:

  • Research the different districts and know the price per meter for that area.
  • Make sure you know what you want beforehand.
  • Understand that making an offer is legally binding.
  • Get your finances in order (and have a French bank account).

Best way to find and buy an apartment in or close to Paris

Contact Dutch Jolanda Kuijer-Marinus for a fast and professional real estate service that helps you in finding the home in or near Paris you’re looking for. We will send you more information about this property and are present to organise a visit. Call/WhatsApp +33770186203 or mail [email protected]