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Release your inner hippie and find property for sale in Ibiza

You can feel the vibe, the moment you set foot on the ground in Ibiza. The energy is strong and peaceful. People are laidback and friendly and cars drive around with reggae music as if the ’60s are still here. Ibiza is only 60 miles off the coast of mainland Spain, and one of the most wanted places to be in Europe.

People that don’t know Ibiza very well, will rave about the nightlife and the famous DJ’s. But that’s just a small part of the beauty. Ibiza has breathtaking natural beauty and people all enjoy a chill hippie lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you have a flower in your hair.

Release your inner hippie and find property for sale in Ibiza

Ibiza offers 300+ days of sunshine per year and mild winters, many see this Mediterranean jewel as the dream destination for the purchase of a contemporary villa, a classic Finca, or just an apartment. See our properties for sale in Ibiza here. Most properties are off-market so send us an email and we’ll send you a selection.

Most properties for sale in Ibiza are located in beautiful areas away from the crowds, a stone’s throw away from golden beaches with turquoise waters. In Ibiza you are never far away from the airport, shops, restaurants and international schools, giving you the best of both worlds.

Villas for sale on Ibiza are mostly newly built or recently refurbished using high-quality materials, boasting modern designs with naturally lit spacious rooms in varying numbers according to different needs. Enjoy the excellent Mediterranean climate and watch Europe’s most stunning sunsets in a property combining privacy and proximity to amenities.

Luxury properties in Ibiza with gardens and terraces

Do you know what you are searching for? Is it a seafront villa, or a contemporary luxury villa in Ibiza on the peaceful hills? From the hills, you will have a great view of the sea, while surrounded by crickets and birds. Maybe you like more the city buzz of Dalt Vila, the old town of Ibiza. Close to the harbour, shops and restaurants, you will be able to wander through the cobbled streets and get lost in your thoughts. An apartment here makes sure you don’t miss a thing from Ibiza nightlife.

If your start living in Ibiza with younger kids, then Santa Gertrudis is a great spot with an international school and many like-minded parents. Raising your kids in Ibiza is something wonderful to give; they’ll grow up the freedom and a relaxed state of mind, making them the best future global citizens ever.

The Hippie culture in Ibiza

Originally, the hippies chose Ibiza as a refuge in the 1960s. At the time spared from mass tourism, it was a place for people from all over the world to meet and share in search of spirituality and a new world. In addition, the island of Ibiza has a very good climate and a very present contact with nature. The hippie community then shaped its own island of paradise by introducing elements such as secret and magical corners or the worship of the sun. Paradoxically, it was with the arrival of these hippies and their influence that Ibiza’s popularity exploded. The island became in the minds of many THE destination to travel to.

Benirras Drum Festival

The hippies settled inland and formed communities with a culture and traditions that have endured. For example, the Benirras Drum Festival is still celebrated every summer on the beach of the same name. This is one of the iconic hippie celebrations, where dozens of drums sound as the sunsets. Hippie rituals from India were also imported to Ibiza. Thus, many corners of the island have become places of meditation and spirituality. It was customary for hippies to take advantage of dusk to meditate. This is part of the worship of the sun which is still practised today.

Their religion is directed towards Hinduism, there are also many symbols in Ibiza such as small statuettes and clothing bearing the effigy of Hindu gods. The most represented figure is obviously that of Buddha. For example, on the rocks of Atlantis beach (Sa Pedrera), a Buddha is drawn on the rock and invites visitors to enter a cave. Other figures are also drawn and engraved in stone such as strange animals, geometric shapes and messages of peace.

Beach of Sa Pedrera

On the beach of Sa Pedrera, you will finally find stones engraved and arranged on top of each other in small columns that are similar to monoliths dedicated to the sea and the land.

Another secret cove called Punta Negra also has a Buddha but in the form of a metal bust. The ritual is to leave him gifts and offerings such as candles, flowers, jewellery, stones, coins, or even written wishes. According to the hippies, the Ibicenco Buddha would grant our wishes if we asked him…

Being mostly artists, the hippies also brought with them their art which is characterized by many bright colours reflecting happiness and dynamism. Hippie artworks all have this meaning of happiness and life and this style is called Flower Power. Thus, through their spirituality and their way of apprehending the world around them, the hippies have changed their ways of thinking. The path they followed has been called the “path of the elephants”: coming to Ibiza, living there, creating and dying there. The island is truly imbued with this flower power and peace and love atmosphere, and it is today one of the five destinations in the world where the hippie spirit is still alive.