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A unique concept in real estate marketing

An international portal with personal service

Living on the Cote d’Azur is a trusted international real estate partner in the South of France, specialised in finding foreign buyers for luxury homes. We have been working on the Cote d’Azur since 2006 and have built an extensive network with both local real estate agencies, promoters and prospective buyers outside of France. Local real estate agencies that already work with us know that they can trust our extensive network and our expertise in international real estate marketing. They count on our profound personal commitment, seven days a week.

A partnership with Living on the Cote d’Azur

Living on the Cote d’Azur saves you the enormous expense of posting paid listings on other real estate portals. It’s an industry fact that 95% of the prospective buyer is searching online to find a property. So it’s crucial that you have the best international multi-lingual online coverage.

When you choose for a partnership with Living on the Cote d’Azur, you will have Dutch salespeople in your team, for free. And you can expand your listings exposure enormously. Benefit from an advanced online marketing strategy, exceptional personal commitment, thorough knowledge of the local market. We are dedicated to passionate, hard work because we love real estate! Living on the Cote d’Azur is affiliated with, an independent network of top-class real estate agents.

Some statistics

Our website and the sister website for Belgium and The Netherlands generate monthly over page 75.000 views. Most traffic comes from the US, UK, Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries. We have no French clients as we only focus our marketing outside of France.

Our social media channels are continuously growing as a result of time scheduled distribution.

Pinterest 40.000 views

Instagram 13.000+ followers generating 30.000+ views

Linkedin personal and Business page 5.000+ views per month

Facebook 5000+ fans and 20.000 views per month

You can find our listings also on Google Business, Diigo, Tumblr, Mix it, Flipboard, and Twitter.

Extra sales argument for your clients

Clients will choose for your agency if you can tell them that you will place their property in an outstanding international network with real estate agencies outside of France. There are no hidden costs. Our distribution services are free for our partners. Only when we bring in the buyer and the final deed has been signed, we’ll invoice our commission HT from The Netherlands. Simple, clear and effective for both parties. You must have of course a sales mandate of the properties you add to our network.

Exclusive partner network Baerz

In an ever-changing networking world, Living on the Cote d’Azur likes to keep the pace and stay in front of new possibilities and technologies to improve the quality and effectiveness of our work: selling your properties. That is why we have joined the innovative, international marketing platform Baerz & Co ( Living on the Côte d’Azur is the exclusive partner for the French Riviera. Our partnership offers French Riviera real estate agents substantial advantages for a massive marketing boost.







Within the Baerz & Co network, a select group of prestigious independent real estate agents in Europe join forces to reach your goal: to sell your listings. Together we offer a unique, high-quality network with lots of marketing power.

Through the Living on the Cote d’Azur portal, you automatically engage all other Baerz & Co agents who are also dedicated to serving affluent clients worldwide, focused on exclusive apartments, urban homes, villas and country estates. Significantly optimising your effectiveness. All for the same commission split and, ‘no cure-no pay’.



We provide a unique international marketing approach and take advantage of our consolidated strength with all Baerz & Co Luxury Home Club Members. Each Baerz Member displays all property listings of all other Baerz Members on its individual website and share leads to one another. Thus building a peer to peer community.

Annually Baerz & Co displays 3 million banners on Dutch leading home portal Funda, next to numerous daily posts on social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. In the Netherlands, there are partnerships with leading home- & lifestyle magazines:,, www. and as their exclusive partners.



How does it work? You create a listing feed (JSON, API, XML) with properties you have a sales mandate for. These properties are published on Living on the Côte d’Azur, and then automatically distributed in the network of all Baerz & Co network partners, a network of more than 100 agencies.

On top of this, Living on the Côte d’Azur continuously launches daily posts on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Our monthly reach on social media is over 100.000 views. The websites have 75.000+ page views each month.

Extra boost for real-estate specials

For very exclusive properties, we can activate a direct online post to approximately 160 international “luxury home portals ” in 65 countries. This system includes renowned,,,,,,,,,, Propriétés Le Figaro and many more.

This connection to all major real-estate portals is unique and allows us to bring your home to the attention of the global group of wealthy buyers.

We can put your property on 160 real-estate portals in 65 countries

BAERZ.COM The Netherlands’ largest portal for exclusive homes, operating in nine European countries.

LUXURYESTATE.COM is the largest luxury home platform in Europe, listing in 16 languages and with users from 132 countries. Luxury Estate generates a generous 800,000 visitors and has 9,000,000 page views per month.

BLOOMBERG.COM is a media conglomerate with over 150 international news agencies. They publish financial news and information, research and financial data. Bloomberg distributes nearly 1 million circulations of Bloomberg Businessweek. Your exclusive property listings are shown in all sections of Bloomberg Property Listings.

JAMESEDITION.COM is the world’s largest online luxury portal, specialised in exclusive homes. Its readers are independent, affluent individuals who are interested in luxury. 90% of these prospective buyers are male, independent business owners and investors and spend over 500,000 euro on luxury every year.

KYERO.COM attracts over 2 million unique visitors annually, with an incredible 150 million page views of Spanish and Portuguese property listings. All of this traffic resulted in over 750.000 leads for second home realtors. As for nationality, British buyers are still leading the way with 1.540.000 visitors last year. Kyero gained 26.800 visitors from Portugal, 444.603 visitors from Germany, 316,121 visitors from Belgium, 24,418 visitors from Sweden. All remain strong players, while Poland with 33.419 visitors is another promising and growing market.

IMMOSCOUT24.DE is the largest and best-known residential real estate portal in Germany.

LISTGLOBALLY.COM from Switzerland links our property listings to many renowned property portals in countless countries all over the world.

LUXURYREALESTATE.COM used by 3.800+ real estate agencies in 37 countries. It publishes over 65,000 properties and is responsible for approximately 140,000 transactions every year.

PROPRIÉTÉS LE FIGARO was set up 26 years ago and specialises in luxury properties, both in France and internationally. Nearly half a million affluent customers visit the website each month, connecting with the best property professionals in the world of luxury homes.

BELLEVUE.DE Ever since its launch in 1991, Bellevue – Germany’s largest real-estate magazine – has showcased dream properties from all over the world and is sold in selected newsagents throughout both German-speaking Europe and Italy, Spain and Portugal. It’s website is visited by approx. 100.000 unique visitors per month and offers listings of the most renowned luxury home agents throughout Europe.

A PLACE IN THE SUN is the UK’s leading overseas property media brand and a highly visible, famous name. It started life as a TV show, created by Freeform Productions, that was the first broadcast on Channel 4 in 2000 and has been a part of popular TV culture ever since. A Place in the Sun and its highly successful spin-off series A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? is all about buying abroad and opening up a world of opportunity to the British public. Its second home portal welcomes over 500.000 unique visitors a month.

THINKSPAIN is a market-leading second home portal, fully focused on Spain with an average of 6 million annual visitors. Offering over 250,000 properties for sale and rent.



Living on the Cote d’Azur is member of the BAERZ & CO network and the exclusive partner for France. Your properties displayed on will be distributed on all individual websites of the Baerz & Co international network. At no extra costs!


We can push your Monthly special property in 160 real estate portals in 65 countries


Distribution of your property listing on all our social media


Your property shown through their online channels, supported by print advertising


Living on the Cote d’Azur is not just a portal for foreign buyers. We promote your listings across the globe with a strong partner network. Together with the Baerz & Co network, we can offer you the best available distribution.

Our services don’t stop once we have connected with a possible buyer. We will first check with your agency if you have this client already in your database. If not, we will proceed with the selling process to inform the client about the property. When the client is enthusiastic and comes to France, our team is present to accompany the visits. We will help negotiate a fair price for the property and will the client advise on how French ‘compromis de vente‘ contract works. Living on the Cote d’Azur will finally be present with the signing at the notary.

We guarantee maximum exposure for your properties. We respect the denunciation process. We will be on your side to sell the property for the best possible price.



We have fostered trust with other French real estate agencies through our integrity and innovative marketing. We look forward to adding you to our international network!

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