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Expand your real estate network outside of France

A unique concept in real estate marketing

Living on the Cote d’Azur is a trusted international real estate partner in the South of France, specialising in finding foreign buyers for luxury homes. We have been working on the Cote d’Azur since 2006 and have built an extensive network with both local real estate agencies, promoters and prospective buyers outside of France. Since the summer of 2021, we added luxury Paris properties to our portfolio because of growing demand. With a local team, we’re offering the same dedicated ‘Dutch’ service in Paris and Ile de France.

Digital communication is the future

Founder Ab Kuijer wrote a book about advertising and social media in 2011, ‘Think Small, Grow Big‘, which was published in America by Cosimo Books New York. To this day, the content is current and explains why traditional advertising is a thing of the past. It is now about branding, social media selling and service. Ab’s experience with digital communication is used daily for the luxury real estate portal Living on the Côte d’Azur.

An international real estate portal with personal service

Local real estate agencies that already work with us know that they can trust our extensive network and our expertise in international real estate marketing. They count on our profound personal commitment, seven days a week.

A partnership with Living on the Cote d’Azur

Living on the Cote d’Azur saves you the enormous expense of posting paid listings on other real estate portals. It’s an industry fact that 95% of prospective buyer is searching online to find a property. So it’s crucial that you have the best international multi-lingual online coverage.

When you choose for a partnership with Living on the Cote d’Azur, you will have Dutch salespeople in your team, for free. And you can expand your listings exposure enormously in areas that are not on your promotional list. Benefit from our online marketing strategy, personal commitment, and knowledge of the local markets.

Some statistics

Our website and the sister website for Belgium and The Netherlands generate monthly over page 75.000 views and an average spending time on site of 2,5 minutes. These are not shocking numbers, but we focus on quality instead of quantity. Over 85% of our audience visits the site through organic search results. So people search very specifically in their preferred language.

Our other visitors come through our social media channels. Most traffic comes from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, the US, the UK and Eastern Europe. We have no French clients as we only focus our marketing outside France.

Our social media channels are continuously growing as a result of the time-scheduled distribution.


200,000 monthly views


20.000+ followers 

Linkedin personal and Business page 5.000+ views per month

Facebook 5000+ fans and 20.000 views per month

You can find our listings also on Google Business, Diigo, Tumblr, Mix it, Flipboard, and Twitter.

Your listings on Maison en France

All our real estate listings in France are shared in real-time on the Maison en France website. Maison en France is the largest glossy magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium. With news, routes, stories and, above all, lots of advice for all those who take their (future) home in France seriously.

We also advertise in this magazine and write editorial content about buying a property in France. The headline is ‘Are you ready to find your second home?’

Finding new clients is our mission

All listings above 500,000 euros are being synchronised on niche portals that aim to specific audiences in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, South Africa, and the UK.

The added value we offer to agencies is we boldly go where no agency has gone before. We connect with motivated buyers looking for a one-stop shop, offering their dream home and personal service.

Our portal aims to present the best real estate properties from the best real estate agencies. If you like to join the network, contact Ab Kuijer via [email protected]

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