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Selling your property on the French Riviera

Our extensive network allows you to sell your house or apartment in the South of France. Use our luxury real estate network as a private individual. The marketing and sales are made in partnership with a local real estate agent to sell your villa or apartment. Choosing which real estate agency offers ‘the most bang for your buck’ might be difficult. But it’s a matter of connecting the right network to the right audience. That is why we offer individual homeowners this property-selling service. Because, as one of the largest independent platforms, we know the best agents for your home.

For every house, apartment or villa, it is essential to determine which target group could be most interested. The nationality of your neighbours can help with this. But previous sales in the area also give a good indication. The government land registry also helps determine the right asking price for the sale.

Selling ​​your property in the South of France Côte d’Azur

With this marketing strategy, we determine which agent profile best suits your home. In all cases, the French real estate agent is our partner for officially accepting your home. After all, the French real estate agent organizes all the reports necessary for the sale and the notary. Such as determining the number of square meters and the presence of asbestos or termites. The electricity must also comply with the latest security standard.

If you agree with our choice for the agent, they will make a draft sales mandate. To make this, they need your proof of ownership and your ID. Because we will do our best for your home outside France, we only work with exclusive mandates. This mandate lasts six months and allows us to position and sell your home correctly.

Selling ​​your property in the South of France Côte d'Azur

Exclusive or non-exclusive mandate

A non-exclusive mandate for selling your home in the South of France may be a logical idea for the seller; after all, you activate four or five different brokers. But for the selling broker, this is a disadvantageous situation.

Imagine; we invest a lot of time in promoting your home. We make a video online, advertise, send newsletters, and regularly post your property on social media channels like Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram.

We then talk to potential buyers and then make appointments for a visit. In our case, the prospective buyer always comes from abroad, so we must plan that visit. The plus is that our buyers are mostly cash buyers and highly focused on a positive outcome. No tourists or curious locals; only serious prospects that we know. We prefer to organise two good visits rather than 15, just for the statistics.

However, if another local real estate agent with the same non-exclusive mandate is lucky to have found someone before, we did all our work for nothing. That is the risk of investing, but in practice, this will happen. Agencies will invest less energy in a non-exclusive mandate than in an exclusive one. Nobody wants that.

We want to sell your home and do our utmost. Hence the combination with the exclusive mandate for the French broker. For the price of 1, you will receive at least two teams who will take care of the sale of your home in the South of France with motivation.

How do we sell your house?

We have the international portal you are looking at right now. This website generates an average of 400,000 page views per month. In addition, we have over 50 social media channels that provide another 300,000 views per month.

All our listings above 800,000 euros are placed on partner websites outside France. In Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And we are continually expanding this network outside of France. In addition, we have a newsletter sent to more than 4,000 people monthly in two languages.

The French estate agent will advertise in the French market via French portals and offer your home to its visitors. Due to the real estate agent’s location, he will already have a file of potential buyers near your home.


Photography is crucial online, but sometimes a photographer takes beautiful pictures that are too good to be true. We look at sales in a commercial Dutch way and believe that location and, of course, the view is essential. Vintage kitchens and bathrooms can be renovated. We have the renovation teams for that.

The description must also be fair. Nothing is more annoying than a buyer only discovering on-site that there is a large electricity pylon in the backyard. Or that the sea view is disturbed by power cables to the village below. Or that the cemetery is within walking distance. We like to tell you things like that in advance. That’s fair and saves everyone time, effort and disappointment.

Rates French real estate agent

In France, the rates are different than in the rest of the world. The commission at a broker is, on average, 5% plus VAT. Some agencies charge 6 or 7% of the sale price. You will get access to their international network for this.

We agree with you on a net sales price you are satisfied with. The agency commission is placed on top of this price, so the buyer always pays the commission.

Let’s get started

Contact us to help you set up a network of experts. Our full service in real estate is unique and compelling.

Sell my home in France

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