Renovation or rebuilding in the South of France? This is how we work.
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Renovation or rebuilding in the South of France? This is how we work.

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Anyone who owns a house or apartment in the South of France and has undergone a renovation knows that the French work mentality demands certain patience from you as a client. A quotation is difficult to get started. And once the work starts, people show up later ‘because there was another project that also had to be completed quickly’. You do get a glimpse into the unfathomable French way of working, where you as a customer are in the last place.

Renovation in the South of France Côte d’Azur

Fortunately renovating on the Cote d’Azur can also be done differently; with a team of motivated people who all have a hands-on mentality and are happy with your assignment. Anyone who wants a renovation from a new bathroom to a complete home renovation is looking for a quote with a clearly agreed price and delivery time. And that service provides our network.

Renovation or renovation on the Côte d'Azur? This is how we work.

All under one roof

In France, people are used to calling a plumber for plumbing. And a plasterer for stucco. And if the painting needs to be done, people call a painting company. A flooring company is, of course, called for a tile, PVC or laminate floor. And so the French client traditionally collects a whole collection of professionals who all have to work together in the French way. That is actually asking for delay and irritation if one (or the other) does not show up.

A quick and good renovation

That is why the approach of our team is a much sought-after success. The mutual planning is done by the contractor who then places his people at the right time and in the right place. This way you will not lose a day and the deadline for delivery will never be compromised. Materials are delivered on time. If you decide to buy a tile or laminate offer yourself, then that’s no problem. The added value of the team is in a thorough and professional approach to every renovation.

Architect with a 3D drawing service

Some customers buy an apartment in the heart of the city with stunning high ceilings. That is nice, just the layout comes from the time of Napoleon with many small rooms. Demolishing the walls seems the solution, but where do you place that new kitchen with an island? And you actually want two bathrooms, where do they come? In such a case we introduce you to an experienced and English speaking interior designer who thinks along with you in solutions.

Leave it to our teams for the better demolition work and re-installation of tight walls and ceilings, the installation of a well-insulated extension or the digging and installation of a swimming pool.

If you are interested in our renovation and renovation service and you live somewhere between Grimaud and Menton, we would be happy to come by for a free quote. Use the form below to take the first step towards a worry-free renovation.

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