Rollators and Bardot on the street, bride couple in jail and Nice laughs
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Rollators and Bardot on the street, bride couple in jail and Nice laughs

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Local news from the Côte d’Azur brings you a sometimes shocking, but always up-to-date, summary of this week in the sunny South of France. Have you enjoyed the beaches in Juan les Pins and Golfe Juan this summer? Please save the pictures in your dropbox, because they way it was, will not return. The government has ruled a number of years ago that there should be more free public beach for the People’s Republic of France. And so, in October, ten private beach tents will be closed forever. The owners have until half October the chance to break down the tent themselves, or  the municipal bulldozers will come into action and the owners have to pay a 50,000 euro removal and destruction fee. Adieu Lucky Beach, Lido Plage, Plage des îles, Jazz Plage, Esterel Plage, Star Plage, Epi Beach, Trident Plage, La Petite Plage and La Voile Blanche. The beach will be re-organized for the summer of 2018 and five new beach restaurants will be added. We keep you informed!

More destructive measures, but now for French pensioners. Everyone who has only 1200 euros a month will loose at least 100 euros next year. Business President Macron wants to save 20 billion euros by stealing money from the older generations. And so everyone in France again gets up the street massively; with walking chairs assisted by angry local officials and angry truckers that already started with blocking several highways or driving very slowly. Will the economy in France ever move forward?

In Menton, they are angry too, but on the town officials. The weekly ‘Menton Walking Sunday’ is over. The closure of the seafront and the motorway has become costly by repositioning and clearing concrete blocks as a precautionary measure. Now that the National State of Security is almost ending, the extra money for local municipalities will also disappear to further protect the inhabitants.

Fortunately, there is enough money in Nice, because this week they print it by their own. The ‘Nissarts’ bills are just as valuable as the euros, and are already accepted in 20 local stores. It is an economic experiment that lasts until the end of the year. Still nice to collect. The city that does not need an economic experiment is of course Monte Carlo. Money flows like never before and not only during the Monaco Yacht Show. Tickets for an exclusive gala evening in the Monte Carlo Opera to protect the oceans were sold out in no time. For a small amount of 8,000 euros per person, you could see how Albert of Monaco and Leonardo di Caprio tapped each other comfortably on the shoulder. Musical performances of the celebrity night where provided by Nelly Furtado and Robin Thicke.

Do you feel sorry for having missed this or another luxury boat, then there is good news from Corsica Ferries. The Corsican ferry service opens new routes from Toulon to Majorca. There are two times a week and ticket sales begin next week. Fortunately, you do not need tickets to view the statue of Brigitte Bardot. The 2.5-meter high tribute to this French icon was unveiled this week in Saint Tropez. You will find BB opposite to the Gendarmerie Museum and the cinema.

If you’re out of boating and you’re no longer excited with Brigitte Bardot, you’re invited to take the plane. From Nice airport you can fly to four new destinations. Romania, Faro in Portugal, Hamburg in Germany and twice a week a direct flight to Doha in Qatar. And …drums and fireworks please….. AirFrance (with Dutch KLM’s profit) launches a new low-budget airline that will be called Joon. You can fly for little money to exotic destinations like Berlin and Catalan Barcelona. This will make the sky even more crowded.

Also busy and with firework was the wedding of a Russian couple in Grimaud. In good South French Russian tradition, there was no lack of flat entertainment. Red roses were thrown out of helicopters, the pool was filled with champagne and the noisy party was opened with very heavy fireworks despite a warning from the municipality that refused to issue the fireworks license. The wedding couple has now been officially charged tand can also face jail time in addition to a heavy fine. “We do not like this kind of activity, an example must be made,” said the Mayor of Grimaud, who seems to have been awake all night long.

The residents of Nice, on the other hand, sleep with a smile on their face after the victory of OCG Nice on Dutch Vitesse in the Europa League. Their city was also chosen this week as the second best city in France to live a relaxed life. Monaco scored only 39th place. And so you see, money does not make happy.

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1 October 09.00-17.00
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2 Boulevard J F Kennedy
06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer

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