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Six top reasons why to buy a new build apartment on the French Riviera

Buying a new-build apartment on the French Riviera is of course a dream come true. The purchase is also safe and you have the best quality in terms of construction and finish. Since 2012, there are strict standards for the construction and completion of new buildings. With the environment and energy savings as a starting point, there are strict certificates that are issued if a construction company delivers in accordance with this standard. Energy-efficient, but also the soundproofing of the apartments and the finishing must meet the highest standards of the French authorities. France leads the way with these certificates such as RT 2012.

These Thermal Regulations 2012 (which you will often find under the abbreviation RT 2012) have been drawn up to limit the energy consumption of new homes. This follows on from previous regulations (RT 1974, RT 1988, RT 2000 or RT 2005 …) The RE2020 (Environmental Regulation 2020) will soon replace the RT2012; this aims for lower energy consumption and CO2 load during construction. The NF Habitat is a quality guarantee on the following points: Quality of life for residents, Respect for delivery deadlines, Control of construction costs, Respect for the environment.

In new construction, other standards must also be taken into account, such as the acoustic regulations that require that new goods must be insulated against external noise at least 30 dB. In all buildings and rental properties, the accessibility standard for people with disabilities must also be taken into account. The home must be accessible to all types of disabilities, both in the common areas and in the accommodation. For you as a buyer, these standards are extra guarantees for a new-build apartment or villa that meets the highest requirements. Reading tip! An article about Best reasons to buy a property in Nice French Riviera.

Six top reasons why to buy a new build apartment on the French Riviera

Here are the six main reasons for buying a new-build apartment in the South of France.

First choice in new construction

Anyone who subscribes to a newsletter from a portal that collects the latest projects has the first choice from the range. New construction projects on the Cote d’Azur are put up for sale more than two years before delivery. During this period you have the first choice. The penthouse is always popular, although you have to expect a higher price level than a similar apartment on the floor just below. The price difference can sometimes be as much as 40% because of the absolute exclusivity. And of course the view and the tranquillity.

Remodel to your taste

Once you have made the choice for a new-build apartment, you can make changes to the layout before construction has started. You can have the standard bath replaced by an Italian walk-in shower, or you would rather create a real master bedroom and quote than part of another room. As long as construction is not yet in progress, you can make your wishes known via a TMA form (Travaux Modificatifs Acquéreurs) in other words, the modified work of the buyer. If you remain within reason, the changes are usually free of charge or for a small fee.

Spread payments for new build apartment on the French Riviera

If you decide to buy a new-build apartment on the French Riviera, you do not have to pay immediately the total price. You pay 5% when booking and when signing the purchase contract you pay 25%. You will only be invited to the notary when all documents are complete; this is on average 4-8 months later (depending on how quickly you have booked). From that moment on, the payment schedule goes into effect with instalments of 10 or 15%. The project developer and the civil-law notary will send you a timely reminder to make the payment. The total construction will take a maximum of two years, although you should take into account delays that may arise due to force majeure such as heavy storms and rainfall. You can read more about the purchase process for new construction on the French Riviera here.

Tiles and sanitary of your choice

A new build apartment on the French Riviera will be delivered complete, with beautiful tiles and high-quality sanitary ware for the bathroom. One year before delivery you are invited to come and have a look in a special showroom where the basic collection is displayed. If this does not suit your taste, you can always choose other tiles. The project developer then buys these in; you only pay the difference in price between the proposed tiles and the tiles you want. The same goes for plumbing; usually, Hans Grohe is used, but if you want a different brand, you can.

Extensive warranty

New construction in the South of France means buying real estate without risk. The architect is an important player in the whole; every step in the progress of the construction is carefully checked by him/her and signed off by agreement. With the architect’s approval, the notary may only request you for subsequent payment. Every construction project that we offer falls under the VEFA scheme; these are construction projects that come with a delivery guarantee. Should the construction company or project developer go bankrupt, the project and your apartment will still be completed and delivered in accordance with the made agreements.

Once you have the key in your hands, you have a full year on everything that is loose and stuck. A leaking tap, a squeaky door, noise pollution from an acoustic sound leak? It’s all under warranty. In the second year you still have a full year warranty, but then on everything moving parts such as windows, doors and locks. The following eight years you have a warranty on the construction, so cracks in walls, balcony, etc. This is all repaired at no cost. A Home Owners’ Association is set up for every new residence with multiple owners; the HOA also take out home insurance for the entire building. If damage occurs to the swimming pool (if any) or the garage, you are insured for this through the monthly contribution service costs.

Price increase in value

Anyone who buys a new build apartment on the French Riviera early will be rewarded for it later. Because before the building is ready, you can only rely on the brochure and your knowledge of the location. But once the building is in its full glory, the value of your apartment will immediately rise by at least 10%. That is always nice to know. It is not without reason that many speculators buy several apartments in a conveniently located new-build project to sell them furnished after completion. In the latter case, the profit margin is even higher.

But of course, you do not want to sell your new-build apartment on the Cote d’Azur at all. You will enjoy your second home under the sun without any worries!