Snuggle Up and Welcome Winter at the Cote D’Azur
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Snuggle Up and Welcome Winter at the Cote D’Azur

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If you are thinking of spending your winter in the French Riviera, you could not have made a better decision. Winters in this part of the world are milder compared to their northern European cousins. Nonetheless, you still need to keep your abodes warm and toasty to enjoy your stay. From keeping the heat in to driving the cold out, we show you ways to bring temperatures high inside your home.

Sunlight in the French Riviera

Southeastern France boasts of higher than average sunshine days in a year compared to the rest of France. Toulon receives about 2,756 hours of sunshine per year while Marseille a hefty 2,858 hours. Cote D’Azur enjoys an average of 2,455 hours per annum which means that during the day, you should take advantage of that sun to warm up your homes. Open privacy curtains and roll up shutters to let the sunshine in, but keep them closed in the night to conserve the heat.

Snuggle Up and Welcome Winter at the Cote D’Azur

Cozy Fireplaces to Set the Mood

There is nothing like a roaring fire to keep you in the mood whether you are relaxing or doing some work at home. A burning fire evokes intimacy, pleasant memories and comfort. Nowadays, there are many options for fireplaces especially if a traditional one is not possible or requires drastic modifications to build in your home. As an alternative, you might want to consider ventless mounted fireplaces. They are brilliant in transforming a room into a snug and elegant living space. They are easy to mount and does the job well of providing heat in a room.

Thick Drapes to Recreate an Atmosphere

Think about redecorating a room in winter and one way to do this is to change your curtains. From stylish to whimsical curtains, there are many types that can satisfy the look you want to create. Consider thick yet cheery drapes for they not only block out light when it is not needed, but also helps keep draughts out to maintain the warm temperature in your home.

Decorate Walls with Pictures and Frames

Make winter fun and warm at the same time by covering those walls with a favorite art or picture frame. Those stone walls can easily make your house lose heat energy.  By simply covering them with a poster or an artsy cloth, you reduce energy consumption and retain heat inside a room.

The French Riviera is a cool place to spend the winter and is even more alluring if you are staying in a comfy dwelling. These simple tips of keeping your home warm and inviting for the cold season will go a long way in ensuring that your stay inside is as pleasant as the days spent outside strolling along the beach or the promenade.

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