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Sorry, this property is sold

Sorry, this property is sold

Searching for the perfect villa or apartment can sometimes be a disappointment. But high-quality real estate is always in demand, so there are other people out there, just like you, trying to find their dream home under the sun. And somebody just bought the property you liked. That’s a bummer.

But don’t give up. Here are some direct links to properties that are for sale right now!

Villa’s for sale in the Saint Tropez area

Villa and apartments for sale in the Cannes area

Luxury properties and apartments in Nice area

Villa and apartment for sale around Monaco

Hotel particulier and apartments in Paris

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Real estate property portal with service

Our real-estate portal is unique; e not only show you the best villa’s and apartments that are for sale in France, but we also help you in scheduling the visits. It’s a win-win for you: the portal shows you the best properties on the market, and we guide you with personal service. We operate as your search agent to make an inventory of the available properties. These are homes that are offered online and can be found at several brokers. But we will also add the so-called ‘off-market’ homes; luxury villas and apartments of which the owner wants a certain discretion with the sale.

After registering your name, budget, and housing requirements with us, we activate our network for you. We register your name with the best real estate agents in the region that have a database of thousands of properties. Of course, you cannot view all of them.

That is why we work with a pre-selection, a shortlist, and a visit list. The pre-selection will be sent to you by email or WhatsApp and allows you to view the photos and explore the location via Google Earth. If the property meets your conditions, it will be added to the shortlist. Finally, we make a visit list for the day you are in France. We will then view the properties.

The fastest way to find a property on the Côte d'AzurPersonal service when buying a house in the South of France

Our service is free of charge for the buyer; we guide you from the first selection to the signature at the notary. Even after the sale, we remain the point of contact for many customers in the South of France; for example for Côte d’Azur property maintenance or renovation work or advice for a French Riviera swimming pool or jacuzzi.

For questions and assignments, you can contact us via WhatsApp +33770186203 or this form.

How the real estate market works in France

In France, the system works differently than, for example, in America or The Netherlands. In other countries than France, the seller chooses 1 broker or agent who has the exclusivity to sell the house. On the Côte d’Azur, homes are put up for sale by several brokers. So everybody is promoting the same house. The game in France is simple; the first to find and register the customer wins the sale. Therefore be vigilant to leave your name: before you know it you are bound to this broker!

The fastest way to find a property on the Côte d'Azur

Some buyers try to find the address of the property, so they can make a deal with the selling party directly. This is not recommended because a certified real estate agent ensures that the house is provided with the necessary certificates, that the file with the French notary has no surprises, and that the sale takes place in accordance with French law.

It’s also illegal for the selling party to break a contract and that might bring you in trouble. Cheap can sometimes be expensive. A real estate agent will check for clauses to protect you from any hidden defects.

Therefore, always get good advice from a real estate agent and do not shop yourself; after all, it is not a baguette that you buy.

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