Spectacular drone recordings of your property in South France - Spectacular drone recordings of your property in South France
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Spectacular drone recordings of your property in South France

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Spectaculaire drone opnames van uw vastgoed in Zuid Frankrijk

Video Marketing is becoming increasingly important; especially when selling your home. Besides Google more and more people use Youtube, because one video is worth more than 1000 words. Videos are very popular and good for the online visibility of your property. Who can show a video gets more visitors from Google and Youtube. As a bonus; Google will rank your property higher in search results.

Upward trend in potential buyers

With the deployment of a drone video recording of your property it literally transcends the masses. It’s still pretty new and exciting, but to get a good overview of the real object, the drone shall be used increasingly. To meet this growing demand; Dutch Daan and Lisa launched SkyBirds three years ago. What started as a hobby for them, has become a professional drone video documentary company that is licensed to fly and capture many beautiful objects.

4K crisp quality

In the beginning Skybirds still flew with a “simple” drone. Over the time, the video recording arsenal expanded to a more sophisticated device that makes even sharper images with a 4K camera. Skybirds is also certified to perform commercial flights. The drone is operated by two people; Lisa is responsible for the camera beneath the drone and Daan is responsible for the drone in flight.

This allows them to create spectacular images because each has its own responsibility. Picture says so much more than pictures. Using a video increases your sales marketing strategy to sell your property faster. The prospective buyer and viewer experience the house as a movie and get a good overview of the site, the architecture and capabilities.

Indoor and outdoor shots

Skybirds combines the images of the drone with video recorded from the ground with a steadycam. This combination gives a beautiful and cinematic result that people like to watch. Soon, Skybirds is visiting France to create a commercial for a bed and breakfast in the Ardeche, but they’d happily drive to the Var and the Cote d’Azur. With a relatively small investment Skybirds will make a professional video recording drone of your home in southern France.

If you have a real estate object and you want to create a dynamic video, please contact info@livingonthecotedazur.com or www.skybirds.nl

Cost drone shooting Southern France

Costs are € 750, – per item. You will receive a professional HD video of the object, terrain, environment, time lapse or hyper and contactinfo of your local broker. For now, travel expenses for the month of April are included. From HD video, you can also cut easily pictures; a separate real-estate ‘photographer becomes unnecessary.

‘There is no second chance to make a first impression.’

Check the video.

Demo SkyBirds from SkyBirds • Drone media on Vimeo.


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