Spectacular new construction, March of Anger and Linky is on its way.
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Spectacular new construction, March of Anger and Linky is on its way.

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This week, everyone on Earth was a little tense; would humanity succeed to land on Mars? In Nice more than eight hundred stars stargazing experts gathered together to watch the landing live together with local dignitaries on a big screen. If it could happen, it would completely change our lives. I was watching the landing on National Geographic TV. Unfortunately nothing changed on Mars. But in Nice, on the French Riviera things are getting really spectacular with real estate.

Spectacular new construction, March of Anger and Linky is on its way. nieuwbouw-nice-thiers

This week the city unveiled plans for a spectacular new building between the Nice train station and the longest shopping street; the Rue Jean Medicin. The museum like building over 19,000 M2 offers apartments, shops, offices and a theater with six hundred places. The important thing is that the ugly and old corner is going to be a young and dynamic neighborhood.

And so something beautiful is happening on the Côte d’Azur, though the police in Nice disagrees on that topic. They feel their work is no fun anymore due to the heavy load caused by additional security work. In addition, they find low appreciation by the government. You saw it coming; the police wants more money and so there was a demonstration. There even comes a ‘March of Anger’ on oktober 26th. You be warned, like the migrants that started a refugee camp in Saint Dalmas de Tende, above Nice, to the Italian border. Within three days the new camp was dismantled and African migrants brought back across the border to Italy.

Another border was crossed by local soccer team OCG Nice to play football against Salzburg. Without Mario Balotelli, Salzurg was beaten 1-0 in front of 1,500 fans Niçoise. That result will go down as true history.

Historic is also the intervention of the Prefecture at municipality Tourettes sur Loup. The opposition wanted to publish a map where risk areas are indicated in case of flooding. Through years of construction without thinking about stormwater management, some areas are dangerous with much rainfall. However, the prefecture decided that ‘the people’ should not get that much insight into this dangerous information. Dangerous for the value of the house and grounds and the image of the Cote d’Azur.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do not have to think about reputational damage; they have something else on their minds; to sell the Pitt-Jolie French Riviera property now. Over 35 rooms and 45 hectares of vineyard for your own wine come are suddenly within reach. Ordinary mortals will not have sixty million to spend, but if you can and have always dreamed of a private vineyard, you can call us for a tour on the domain.


Finally, still an innovative landing, this time in our technical cupboard. Throughout France, all electricity meters are replaced by Linky; a smarter version where you as a user unfortunately can do nothing inter-active such as light commands with your phone. Such luxury is not for us citizens to have. But for France in general, Linky is a big step forward to modernisation. Mars can wait a while; we have Linky!

Ab and Jo

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