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Start a career in real estate marketing

This might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for: joining an international team that promotes real estate on the French Riviera, Paris, Provence, Ibiza, Tuscany and Portugal Working with international clients, share what you know of the region and earn a good income. Work can be a pleasure!

Start a career in real estate marketing.

You love the French Riviera, and you have preferably a foreign nationality. You speak French (obviously as you live here), but you’re also fluent in your mother language, for example, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Italian, German, Chinese or Arabic.

You are a self-starter, disciplined, digital smart, and dynamic. You believe you can achieve more in life than you’re doing right now. You are active in different online and offline networks, and you already know lots of people.

Despite being digitally skilled, you’re also a social amicable and outgoing type of person. You have a car, a mobile phone and a computer to work with.

Start a career in real estate marketing

What do you want?

You are looking for your own international business activity but without the complicated French bureaucracy. Or the demotivating hierarchy of a boss telling you what to do. You are eager to learn new things about real estate, SEO, SEA, online marketing, and SAAS.

Who are we?

Living on the Côte d’Azur is a Dutch founded real estate platform that firstly promotes the best properties along the French Riviera coastline. We promote the best listings outside of France using ‘in-bound content marketing’. The real estate platform is part of The Creative Tribe, an Award-winning marketing agency in The Netherlands.

The founder of the agency is Ab KUIJER, author of the digital marketing guide ‘Think Small, Grow Big’ that was published by Cosimo in New York in 2011 and is still available on Amazon. The concept is simple: ‘The best real estate listings from the best real estate agencies, combined with personal service.’ Our mother company is based in The Netherlands with web teams working on global marketing in the US, India and the UK.

What do we do?

Foreign buyers ask us to help them in finding their dream home. Thanks to our long-term partnerships with professional real estate agents on the French Riviera, we offer people a strong selection of properties that are in a mint condition and in good locations.

Home selection
The prospective buyer receives a long list of properties, to create a shortlist with homes on the Côte d’Azur that they would like to visit. For this shortlist, we arrange the visits with multiple brokers and agents, and we are present during the visits, explaining to the client the pros and possible cons of the area.

Personal guidance
Once we found the ideal home for the client and you experience the famous ‘buying a home in 17 seconds‘ moment, we negotiate a fair price for both parties. We help with all paperwork towards the signing of the final deed at the notary. If needed, we connect our clients to experts in financing, fiscality and renovation and construction works.

What do we offer you?

If you can prove you are the right person for our activities, you become part of a team with independent and international entrepreneurs. We all have one thing in common: we like people, we love real estate, and we are active online. You will receive free training in marketing, database management, SEO and copywriting. Because the Internet and Google and SAAS are always changing, we will keep you up to date with the latest tools. To be good in real estate marketing is a constant learning curve.

You will handle new requests from potential buyers all over the world. And if you want more, you can learn how to market French Riviera properties in your mother language. After an investment in time from both sides, you are responsible for a real estate unit in your mother language. This digital unit is like a shop in a shop, but in this case, you don’t pay the rent.

How much money can you earn in real estate?

It’s a matter of your dedicated time and discipline to define how much money you can earn. If you do it well, you will generate weekly requests from prospective buyers. If you can conclude a deal, you will receive 50% of our commission one month after signing the final deed. A yearly income between 50,000 and 150,000 euros is realistic and the reason why so many people like to work in real estate.

What makes us different?

If you work at a real estate agency, you have to find properties and get sales mandates. And then you need to find a buying client. Our working focus is different: we already have a portfolio with almost 2000 properties from the best real estate agencies. Our goal is to find prospective buyers in foreign countries using inbound content marketing. This is our ‘unfair advantage’ as we know the foreign networks people use locally, where to post houses in different languages and how to generate more awareness for each listing.

If the above sounds like music to your ears, send your CV and motivation letter to [email protected]

We are looking forward to meeting you for a great coffee on the French Riviera soon.

Ab and Jo