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Super Cars get police escort in Monaco

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Lovers of extreme luxury sports cars like to go to Monaco year-round to watch admiringly all that shiny noise from clenched horsepower in a Lykan HyperPort, Koenigsegg Regera, Bugatti Chiron or Pagani Huarya. The owners of these costly cars must find it exciting that so many people are watching their car and even applauding as you drive past. This motorised mating dance attracts a lot of people and therefore a lot of parked millions can be found on the public road where tourists like to photograph themselves next to your shiny car. Being the owner, you have to wipe the drool from your mirrors before you can drive further, but hey, fame has a price.

I understand that it must be a personal ‘moment of fame’ to step in as coolly as possible and then drive away in a spectacular way. In Cannes not too long ago someone parked a Ferrari with a bit too much horsepower in the reception of Hotel Martinez, although things are still going well in Monaco; here the owner wants his or her car to roar in the tunnels under the principality.

As a human being, you obviously degrade to a guiding part of the interior. Such a car does say a lot about someone’s personality; ‘I have too much money and I want you to know it’. Monaco is the ideal place to show off the richness and that is what these four-wheel visitors are happy to do as a rolling bling-bling attraction in an entourage where business and taxes are standard coffee table talk. This part of Monaco always feels a bit surreal for me; though it is funny to watch.

Last week, a lot more testosterone guns came to visit TopMarques; the most luxurious car show in Europe where the most expensive and exclusive cars can be found. As little boys, car spotters are photographing and filming the cars and once the wealthy visitors to TopMarques are outside the fair they hope for a bit of glamour on their departure in a leased Bugatti, Ferrari or McLaren. Now Monaco is made for 90% of concrete and every sound is reflected several times. So if you think that you can drive away quickly while the rear tires lose 2 millimeters of the profile, you will soon be stopped by the police. A ticket of 300 euros due for too much noise and guidance up to the border with Monaco is your reward. And of course an ‘honorable’ mention on YouTube. The crowd, however, loved it although this year the TopMarques event went a bit off-track with too packed roads and people screaming on the street.


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