The benefits of buying a new home in the South of France
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The benefits of buying a new home in the South of France

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If you are considering buying a new home in France, you will find here an overview of the main benefits of this type of property: you gain in quality and comfort, you make significant savings and you are protected by various guarantees.

1. Buying a new home means benefiting from lower costs
By buying a new house, you save money when you pay notary fees and VAT. In the case of notary fees, the rate is 7-8% of the price of the property for old houses, against about 2% for a new house. Specifically, if we take the example of a house of € 200,000, you will have to pay between € 14,000 and € 16,000 for an old home, while the costs of a notary of the new accommodation will only amount to € 4,000. If you already live in France and work here, you can in some cases benefit from a VAT reduction to 5.5% against 20%. This is the case for homes in ANRU neighborhoods or so-called QPV neighborhoods. Family income must also be below certain ceilings based on the location of the new home and the composition of the family is important to be eligible for reduced VAT.

2. You get a functional and customizable housing
Buying a new home means choosing a particularly comfortable home. These houses are indeed known as functional because the layout of the rooms was designed by an architect and therefore space is maximized. You enjoy maximum light and smart layout. And what do you think about the fact that you can adjust this accommodation to a certain extent. When you reserve your new home, the developer gives you plans that can be changed: remove a part, choose an open or closed kitchen, make a dressing room instead of the third room, for example, there are items that you can request to change until the work has started. Finally, it is generally possible to request a modification of certain coatings and equipment, subject to a change in the contract if the costs are higher than the materials originally planned.

Nowadays, all new buildings are connected with fiber-optic internet, so you don’t have to take steps to take advantage of this.

3. You enjoy an energy-efficient home
New homes have been designed to the latest standards, in particular with regard to greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. To start with, all new homes meet the thermal requirements of RT2012, which place high demands on the energy performance of homes. The annual consumption of these homes does not exceed 50 kW, taking into account heating, hot water, ventilation, and air conditioning. And for those who want to go even further, it is possible to plan the installation of solar panels, an atmospheric or geothermal heat pump and other devices with renewable energy. In this way, you limit your environmental impact and you realize considerable savings in the order of € 10,000 over a period of 10 years with a new house label B against an old house label E.

4. You buy a new home with an environmentally aware label
Many new homes benefit from labels that guarantee that the construction meets strict criteria, making homes more efficient and innovative. A number of these labels are:

The Effinergie + label, which aims to reduce the energy consumption of new homes.
The HPE label reinforces the objective of reducing energy consumption by around 10% compared to RT2012.
The BEPOS label that stimulates the production of renewable energy.
The BBCA label, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new houses.

5. You are assured of strong guarantees
By choosing a new house, you are guaranteed protection under all circumstances, thanks to the obligatory guarantees that come with it:

The guarantee of perfect finish runs up to 1 year after delivery and applies to certain defects or poor workmanship.

The biannual warranty or guarantee for proper operation runs up to 2 years after delivery and ensures the poor finish that affects equipment and separable elements of the housing (radiators, sinks, bathtub, water heater, shower tray, etc.).

The non-life insurance policy is required by the promoter before the start of construction and offers you the option to repay the work performed under the ten-year guarantee.

The 10-year warranty extends to 10 years after delivery of the new housing and applies to all problems affecting the strength of the building (foundations, roofing, walls, waterproofing, etc.).

In short, a new home on the Côte d’Azur is a smart and sensible investment in a bright future! Read more about the purchase process of a new home in the South of France here.

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