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The benefits of buying a property in Sainte Maxime

With a population of just over 14,000 people, the commune of Sainte Maxime lies in the Var department on the French Riviera in the south-eastern part of France. It was actually founded by the Monks from the Lérins Islands which is outside Cannes in 1000AD. The monks built a monastery here and named this town after one of their saints: Maxime. From a small village, this place grew into a tourist place in the 20th century as writers, poets and artists swarmed here owing to the climate being very pleasant. The other attractions were the clear blue waters and the wonderful surroundings.

History of Sainte Maxime

Saint Maxime is an immensely historical town. There was a tower built by the monks to protect this town from invaders. The bay was protected by adding a battery of canons in the 16th century, and in the nineteenth century, Napoleon restored this battery and added canons on Lerins Island. The tower has been restored into a museum now. The beach was the centre of Operation Dragoon which was the attack and liberation of the South of France during World War II.

Beaches in Sainte Maxime

Sainte Maxime is despite its popularity a family-friendly village. During the summer period, there can be over 200.000 people enjoying the Gulf of Saint Tropez. But after the summer season, there remain less than 15.000 people living here. These days, the main revenue for Sainte Maxime is tourism. You will find several restaurants, shops, bars, cafes and markets in the old town, opposite the harbour. There are many urbane restaurants and many marine shops on the pier. Across the shoreline, there is the Boulodrome Prince Bertil where you can watch or play pétanque.

Everywhere are beautiful pine trees, city beaches, tourist offices and parks. There is a casino in Sainte Maxime for those wanting more luck.  Apart from the beaches, there is a sailing school and beaches La Nartelle, La Garonette beach and La Plage des Elephants on the east side. People can indulge in water-skiing and jet-skiing at these places. There are many beaches for tourists here

The benefits of buying a property in Sainte Maxime

With such rich history, the beauty of the surroundings, clear blue water and many tourist attractions, this town is a boon for real estate investors. Many options for luxury villas, apartments and houses are available here. Buyers can opt for apartments and villas having beautiful sea views that add to the living luxury. There are houses and apartments near the shops and commercial places as well.

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You can get a house in serene surroundings and can opt for a gated community. People can use these villas as stay houses for tourists in which your paying guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the shore and the sea. The houses near the commercial places can be used partly for any commercial purpose too. Many of the nineteenth-century buildings are being sold which can be renovated and used again as tourist destinations.

The place is full of French grandeur, beauty and marvel. Apart from all this, the town is already a tourist destination that can be further exploited by real estate investors.

French Riviera Property Buying Guide

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