The Cote d'Azur during lockdown or curfew
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The Cote d’Azur during lockdown or curfew

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The countries of the EU are going one step further to use the bad flu virus for measures that curtail our freedom. It is logical that there are measures to protect sick people, but 98% of the population is healthy and does not suffer from anything. The goal of group immunity seems to have been achieved, although you don’t hear about it anymore.

In France, 30,000 doctors have filed a lawsuit against the government to stop the draconian measures that not only cause economic damage, but also give people no perspective on a normal life. ‘Building back better’ is the motto of our government leaders, but they do not say that they want to keep the lockdown and face masks in that scenario.

The Cote d’Azur during lockdown or curfew

We believe it is better that governments pay attention to our health and the strengthening of the human immune system. But that does not happen, in fact, the measures only make people sicker and angrier.

That’s why we receive more requests from people who are going to look for freedom in the South of France this spring. An apartment that is readily available gives you the key to more freedom and the warm sun. In addition, high-speed Internet network is now all over the coast. Even with us on the mountain, the fiber optic cable has been rolled out and connected. A true blessing!

For those who can work from home, a second home in the South of France is the perfect new hotspot. Of course, Corona rules also apply here (which nobody understands), but with the southern French sun, a positive population and lots of outdoor space to walk and enjoy nature, life is a lot more bearable. You can go to the market and shopping centers such as CAP 3000, Polygone Riviera or Nice Etoile. All shops are open, including nail salons and hairdressers. Because even if we wear a mouth mask, ‘it’s important your hair is in style’.

Many restaurants, such as in the CAP 3000, have converted their menu into take-aways; you then sit or stand where you want. As long as it’s not in the restaurant. As a result, picnicking is the new trend; on the beach, on a bench, and especially in a group. Because whoever eats and drinks does not have to wear a mouth mask.

Freedom in nature

Because of the freedom of nature and the fact that there is no control in the hinterland, many French people take wonderful walks in the woods or go into the mountains, and enjoy the enormous amount of snow. Some walk up the mountain and then make a wonderful ski descent. Others get a pair of those tennis rackets from Decathlon for under your shoes and for a walk through the woods. Absolute silence, clean mountain air and the sun, the ideal combination to de-stress.

This is why the population is still very relaxed; the curfew in winter means that the apéro starts and the fireplace is lit. In spring everyone expects the rules to become more flexible and the restaurants to open. That makes sense because then the flu is usually over.

Estrosi ban on tourists

The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi had Corona flu early last year and was helped by Didier Raoult with Hydrochlorquine. Within 3 days Estrosi was better. It’s all the more strange, therefore, that he’s now launched a plan to ban the hotels and B & Bs in the region from hosting tourists this spring. “I don’t want any Corona variety from abroad in my city,” he proclaims.

Estrosi is laughed at by the mayors of Grasse, Cannes and Antibes. They have just filed a lawsuit against the Prefecture to throw everything open again because there is hardly anyone in the IC. The case was dismissed on Monday because ‘statistics from the French RIVM claim otherwise’. Of course they have appealed. Despite the fresh breeze from the Alps, emotions for Estrosi remain heated in that area.

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