The most beautiful address of Beausoleil at the gate of Monaco
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A beautiful address of Beausoleil at the gate of Monaco

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An impressive and stylish building is being built on Avenue Prince Rainer III in Beausoleil. Rumors have it that top players from AS Monaco have bought here, but we cannot confirm that. The fact is that it will be a unique residence with a very convenient location for those who like being close to Monaco or regularly going to Italy or Cannes. From Beausoleil, you live exactly in the right place.

For sale luxury apartments Beausoleil, the gate of Monaco

This new residence with 5-star apartments will take you to Monaco in two minutes. Or follow the road to Italy, past aristocratic towns such as Roquebrune Cap Martin. The coast in this section between Nice and Menton also exudes a special atmosphere; the closer you get to Monaco, the more beautiful and stylish the houses seem to be. Beausoleil is known as the Montmartre of the Cote d’Azur this name has been given by the many narrow streets and the undiscovered squares.

The most beautiful address of Beausoleil at the gate of Monaco

The original name was once Monte Carlo Superior, but Rainier of Monaco thought it was going too far because it was on French territory. It was, therefore, Beausoleil loved and visited by the beautiful Belle Epoque architecture.

The last apartments and possibilities for a new apartment in Beausoleil

A35-36-37: 4 bedrooms 166.11m² / Terrace: 33.35m² Price: 1,369,000 € incl. 2 parking spaces

A35-36: 4 bedrooms 119.21m² / terrace: 24.00m² Price: 990,000 € incl 2 parking spaces

A36-37: 3 bedrooms 105.38m² / terrace: 20.71m² Price: 889,000 € incl. 2 parking spaces

A35: 2 bedrooms 62.54m² / terrace: 12.96m² Price: 480 € 000 incl 1 parking space

A36: 2 bedrooms 57.35m² / terrace: 12.59m² Price: 466,000 € incl. 1 parking space A24: 2 bedrooms 62.54m² / terrace: 12.96m² Price: 462,000 € incl. 1 parking space

A33: 2 bedrooms 61.02m² / terrace: 9.26m² Price : € 458,000 incl 1 parking space

A14: 2 bedrooms 62.54m² / terrace: 12.96m² Price: € 454,000 incl. 1 parking space

A22: 2 bedrooms 61.02m² / terrace: 9.26m² Price: € 449,000 incl 1 parking place

A02: 2 bedrooms 61.02m² / Terrace: 10.60m² – Jardin: 35.90m² Price: 445,000 € incl. 1 parking space

A12: 2 bedrooms 61.02m² / Terrace: 9.26m² Price: 440,000 € incl. 1 parking space

A37: 1 bedroom 48.05m² / Terrace: 7.95m² Price: 369,000 € incl 1 parking space

A13: 1 bedroom 41.22m² / Terrace: 9.28m² Price: 344,000 € incl 1 parking space

The most beautiful address of Beausoleil at the gate of Monaco

New apartments in Beausoleil

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