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Top 3 attractions Nice Cote d’Azur

If you take a plane to Nice for a weekend, you will not be bored with the azure Mediterranean sea on your doorstep and the Italian old town with many specialty shops. We have listed the Top 3 best attractions for you.

Top 3 attractions Nice Cote d’Azur

1-Promenade des Anglais

A wide boulevard by the sea where from April 1 the beach bars will again offer their normal service with sunbeds and lunches. If you are facing the sea, walk to the right to the airport where you will see small jets and perhaps a glimpse of a famous movie star. If a lot of photographers are up against the fence, something will happen. On the boulevard Promenade des Anglais you rent a bicycle or rent a Segway yourself, but of course, you can bring your own skates and join the locals who make their miles between the tourists imperturbable. If you turn left, you will automatically arrive at the port of Nice, our number two.

2-Port of Nice

The weather is teeming with smaller attractions on every entry. This port is small but nice, but still has room for some large cruise ships. Every day in Nice you can board in Nice with the Corsica Ferries for a trip to Corsica. Around the harbor are small restaurants where mainly locals eat. Step inside the Corsican restaurant opposite the parking lot. On Sunday an opera company had lunch there, which in exchange for some extra bottles of wine treats the other guests to arias. They get warm applause and you have the feeling that you are experiencing something special. Across the harbor is the Antique neighborhood with a Parisian atmosphere and lots of beautiful things in the windows and hidden courtyards. Absolute fun to watch.

Top Three attractions Nice
3-Place Massena

With buddhas on high pillars, the new tram, and the renovated fountains, it has become a regular place for anyone who wants to show something. Hip-hoppers are always there, acrobats, magicians, so around noon, you will be amazed with all attractions. It is a kind of Center Pompidou in Paris, but then by the sea. And if the performance is disappointing, you can walk to the busiest shopping street in Nice; Avenue Jean Medicin where all major brands are located and you should definitely visit the FNAC. Movie buffs will also find the cinema with original English movies and French subtitles; the so-called VO’s, the Version Originales.

Discover more of Nice. Like Nice Fabron on the Westside. Or Nice Cimiez, the uphill district. Or Nice Saint Roch on the East side.