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Calculate the price per square meter for real estate Côte d’Azur

Preis pro Quadratmeter

French properties are available in many sort and styles. If you want to live like you’re back in the ’50s, you can find a similar house to fit your back to the basics lifestyle in the middle of nowhere in some, forgotten rural place in the French outback. For 50.000 euro you can buy some land, 4 stone walls and a roof. If you have plans to create a Bed & Breakfast in that place, you should also sign up for a tv show that follows people, while they start a whole new life.

If we consider that 90% of the people that seek a second home in France, they do this for second home reasons. A family villa, to enjoy the French beauties like the weather, the food, the culture and of course the wine. Once in love with these amenities, you start to search the Internet to find a house that fit your budget.

Calculate the price per square meter for real estate Côte d’Azur

If you are a property owner, you probably have bought your house in the days that prices were high. You did some renovations and invested another pile of money in what could become your pension. Indeed, houses bought 25 years ago, have tripled at least in value, so you can make a nice profit. But what if you are about to buy a villa today? How do you know that the French properties have a price that is right? Based upon facts and figures and not on emotionally add-ons by the owners. Of course, a great view is worth extra money, just like silence. But in general, you can say that the price per square meter make the basic calculation. The presence of a swimming pool, a double garage, close to the sea or shops, things like that adds to the real value of French Properties.

It also makes sense that the closer you get to a city (and work) the higher the prices of French Properties will be. Paris is one of the most expensive areas to live, followed by the French Riviera a.k.a la Cote d’Azur.

Calculate real estate per square meter Côte d’Azur

If you want to buy a villa or apartment in the South of France and you would like to know what the real value is, you can calculate that yourself online. It saves you costs from a real estate agent on the Côte Azur. You can also use this as a second opinion if you think that the selling broker and the owner aim too high. Or too low. Incidentally, many brokers promise a high selling price at the start; to keep you at least for 3 months exclusive to them. Some even promise to sell your house within a month, if you register with them exclusively. Sure, for any price, all French Properties can be sold. But at what price?

On the FREE LacoteImmo website, you simply fill out all the information to get an instant indication of what is a realistic selling price per square meter. In Paris, in Jhabitedansunendroitsansgens or on the sunny French Riviera. It helps you to negotiate the price, based upon the latest market information about the value of French Properties. Unless you fall in love with the view and the quality of the property and you have the money. In that case, you just have to follow your heart.