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Why everybody wants to buy a property in Mougins

If you have never heard of Mougins, you’ll be surprised how many famous musicians, film stars, directors and writers are visiting this place. Only 15 minutes from dazzling Cannes, Mougins is like a haven of peace and tranquillity, on top of a hill, with a medieval centre and surrounded by green woods and golf courses. A magical setting where you can find some of the best restaurants and high-end luxury properties. There is an international ambience, created by families from the US and the UK, that choose Mougins especially because of the Mougins International School. Famous and loved by many ex-pats and international locals that aim for the best international education for their children.


And for the golf fanatics or debutants; the Royal Golf Mougins is without a doubt one of the most prestigious golf domains in the area, combining a beautiful 18 holes golf course with a luxury spa and resort hotel. A great day out.

Why everybody wants to buy a property in Mougins

Actors, writers, artists, they all came since the ’50s and are still visiting on and buying on the Côte d’Azur because of it’s a mix of glamour and pure nature. The French Riviera is for sure one of the best places on Earth to live in, and Mougins might be the place where you will find your new luxury property for sale that will make you feel at home. Mougins is situated just a few miles from Cannes and has been popular with Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor, and Catherine Deneuve. Mougins in France on the Côte d’Azur is for both international stars and local people famous for its restaurants; you really have to visit their annual festival of gastronomy; Les Etoiles de Mougins.

Culture and luxury will make you feel at home

A new museum dedicated to art has put Mougins firmly further on the culture map. And you know what they say about art and artists; “if the artists come, real estate investors follow” to make it a winning combination. The Mougins Museum of Classical Art is also an addition to the ‘route d’art’ along the French Riviera, where many famous artists left their footprint with permanent structures.

More reasons to visit Mougins

What more makes Mougins Côte d’Azur an enviable location? Apart from its historical cultural heritage, it is a combination of other things such well structured and surrounded plants and green nature (forests, gardens, and parks), arts and modern technology. Without having a stop-over, you can decide to go by flight since it has two airports nearby; in Nice and in Cannes. Unlike other communities of the world, Mougins is jointly maintained by its inhabitants and municipality. It is nothing else but a royal diadem to the Côte d’Azur. Apart from being a tourists’ attraction, Mougins is well designed to be attractive especially with those beautiful hanging baskets, different types of a fountain, a brightly coloured display of floral, eye-catching boutiques and interesting galleries. The sight is irresistible.

It is not enough to visit the place for its attractive designs alone. You might want to think of the possibility of getting the right restaurant that will prepare your preferred dish. There are several competing restaurants from which you can get all appealing delicacies of your choice either continental or traditional ones. For instance, Moulin de Mougins, being managed by professional chefs coupled with the décor, exceptional service as well as the special taste of each food served there, is worth mentioning. A visit to this restaurant will convince you that it is more than just a mere description. You will meet more than you are reading now and you won’t be disappointed. Visitors have found it better than previous visits. Reading tip! An article about Buying property in Mougins Côte d’Azur.

Why everybody wants to buy a property in Mougins

Another notable beauty of Mougins Côte d’Azur is found in her arts as earlier mentioned. This is attributed to Francis Picabia and Pablo Picasso, the artists who once lived here. Some of their works were so outstanding that they pulled notable people to the village; the beginning of tourism. They were instrumental to some of the beautiful craft designs, paintings, and photographs in this environment. What other delightful treasures can you see around here? The village is well stretched out with an alluring green look. If you love nature, you’ll love Mougins Côte d’Azur because the forests, trees, gardens, and flower plants are a sight to behold. What of picnic centres, pools that reflect the bright colour of the sky, footpaths, well-planned streets among others? There is no time of the year that this place is boring; it is always full of life and attractive.

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