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This is why you want to live in Portugal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Portugal is consistently mentioned in several studies as one of the best places in the world to live. The people are not particularly rich, but they are very satisfied. There is a relaxed atmosphere, the medical facilities and the safety for the citizens are all in order. Add to that the wonderful sunny climate and great food and the outcome is clear. You are ready for Portugal!

The location

Portugal lies on the Atlantic sea and has a number of sensational coastal towns. In the West, magical boulders rise from the blue water. Inland is the Serra da Estrela, and Serra de São Mamede breathtaking. Also check out the many public parks and nature reserves. The popular white sandy beaches on the South Coast attract many visitors.

The relaxed way of life

For the hectic meeting tiger, life in Portugal will be a changeover. But those who embrace the Portuguese way of life accept the limited opening hours at the bank and that some shops close during the afternoon. Living in Portugal means enjoying moments more: The Art of Doing Nothing.

This is why you want to live in PortugalLive cheaper

Most people who are used to living outside of Portugal, such as in richer countries such as the Netherlands, France and England, find that the average costs for basic items in Portugal are lower than in their country. Renting a house, visiting the supermarket or going out for dinner, in Portugal it is all reasonably priced.

Close to nature

If you decide to live in Portugal, count on becoming more active. Because who can resist the temptation to swim with dolphins in the Zoomarine Park in the Algarve? And surfers know that here they find the best waves in Europe.

This is why you want to live in PortugalThe taste of Portugal

Due to the long coastline, a delicious amount of fresh fish is caught every day. No wonder this is on all restaurant menus in Portugal. But don’t forget the Portuguese words. Portugal has numerous local vineyards and is home to the famous port. Whether you come here for the first time or live in Portugal; local dishes such as pastéis de Nata (a tasty custard pie), pastéis de bacalhau (codfish biscuits) and alheira de mirandela remain delicious.

Offer of housing

Living in Portugal means that you can settle in beautiful cities, towns or in sleepy villages. Or something in between. We mainly offer homes in the Golden Triangle. This is the name for the geographic connection between Cascais, Lisbon and Sintra, all three at a distance of 20 minutes between each other.

Cascais is a bustling beach town with good restaurants and after a twenty-minute drive, you will discover why Lisbon is one of the most beautiful European capitals and has the world’s attention. Have a look at this apartment in Cascais for sale. Get back in the car and discover the mystical aura of Sintra, a village full of romance and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Portugal celebrates a variety of events with conviction including the Santos celebrations that usher in the sanctuaries in June. The biggest parties take place in Lisbon and Porto, where tons of food, drink and fun are the festive combination. Sometimes it seems as if the country has something to celebrate every day.

Playing golf

If you live in Portugal and are a golf enthusiast, you will never want to leave. Portugal is home to the best jobs in Europe or even the world! The top golf courses can be found in Monte Rei, Obidos, Oitavos Dunes and Oceanico.


Portugal offers its inhabitants a mild atmosphere all year round, with temperatures rarely dropping below 5 ° C in winter. Summers are sweltering and clear, especially in the south, with a temperature in the Algarve of 24-27 ° C.

Buying real estate in Portugal

The teams of Living on the Côte d’Azur in Lisbon and Porto will help you finding quality real estate in Portugal. We started in real estate at the French Riviera and know what good quality in real estate is. If you want personal service and the best selection of apartments and villa’s that you will love, use the contact form or send an email to the team on [email protected] to start your next adventure![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]