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Wild boars, summer jobs and surfer’s paradise on the Côte d’Azur

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It is wild boar time. Down in the valley, near our house we hear rustling through the bushes and dogs bark all night, like living nervous alarm systems. In itself, a boar bolt is of course delicious, but I do not see myself hunting in the valley to get one. It seems that you can join the wild boar hunters pack, even though the level of the average swine shooter is not very high. Last year, a man who was hanging his laundry out was shot in the stomach because the hail came right through the bushes. Do you hear so boars, then there are hunters too and you’d better stay indoors.

And there are more boars active, in this case the French management of AirFrance. We as Dutch with our KLM make every effort to lead the group in good runways. However, the French management rewarded themselves for their cleverness to hire the hard working Dutch for the dirty work. French directors gave themselves a 40% raise in 2016 under the guise, “we’ve got five years, nothing extra.” Seriously.


The French government is looking the other way, probably towards the region of La Gaude and Saint Laurent du Var. Since the government has, over the heads of the local senators around, decided to build a new state prison. Mayors and prefecture are furious and hope that a new government comes to their senses and choose another location. This is going to be even more exciting with the French elections; ultimately they are all crooks. In France, the polls bring Marine Le Pen to an ultimate high altitude; everyone is sick and tired of the elite. Ultimately the voter determines who will govern the country. For The Netherlands, we have sent our orange envelopes with ballots to The Hague. It seems that this time a record of nearly eighty thousand people abroad take the trouble to vote. Well done!

More optimism; summer jobs are coming up; as many as a thousand. For young people the only time to earn some money and work experience. On average you earn ten euros an hour during long days, but it keeps you busy and it’s good for your work experience.  Visit the summer jobs fair in Cannes; open daily from 9 to 14:00 . More info via for anyone with a healthy work ethic.


Health is worth something in our aging society. For a company it is a wise area to deploy innovative medical devices. A new type of scanner 4D was presented this week at the l’Institut Méditerranéen Proton Therapy (IMPT). Especially for young children with cancer, the new machine is ideally suited to early to irradiate very small places. Which is quite clever done by the French engineers.


Also clever done, but in architecture is Villa El Djézaïr. This palace stands along the seaway in Juan les Pins since 1922. It was in disrepair for a long time, but since 2014 it is fully restored. Still, it remained vacant and that is a pity. The owner has happily announced that there will be a lounge bar in the palace. Opening this summer! Time for a party;-)
The carnival party in Nice ended officially this weekend and has attracted a lot of people; we ourselves fled to the mountains. Again this year, thousands of people were again looking obediently on a tribune at the many hired dancers and actors who played they had fun. How unlike a Brasilian Carnaval where the people dancing in the street. The municipality of Nice has earned with ticket sales at least another 1.5 million euros.

Surfin ‘surfin’

Fun and sports is more important than money. That’s the surfer’s spirit from the beach boys and beach dudettes in Saint Aygulf, Fréjus and Saint Raphael. They have started a campaign to create awareness about surfing in the Mediterranean. Many people think they have to got to the French Atlantic west coast and Biarritz, but nothing is less true. You can enjoy two-meter high waves and experience the same sensation in the Var. More information about the best surf again see

For those who likes to surf some culture in the coming weeks here our two tips for next month.


01 till 03 march 2017

Foire de Nice

The indoor flea market of the year in Nice; a mix of official dealers and people who clean up their attics. Take some hand money with you, you might score a lame brocante. Or a canopy bed from the  1700’s.


Palais des Expositions

06359 NICE


25 and 26 march 2017 


Do you have green fingers? Give them some inspiration during this wonderful expo in Valbonne. The springtime outdoor party of the year!

Sophia-Antipolis, place Sophie-Laffitte

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